Back to School Clean Up

back to school skip hire

After a busy Christmas and New Year period the school holidays have quickly come to an end. With the kids back to school, a quiet house is the perfect time to get organised by cleaning up and making sure to clear your home of clutter. Bin Hire Melbourne can help you out with your tidy up. We have a range of skips for hire, sizes from a 2m3 up to 24m3. Our walk in skip bin will be delivered to your home ready for you to start your clean up.

We can be so busy getting out and about during the holidays that keeping on top of clutter gets put to the side. Without realising we store away items and decorations that we no longer need or want and worry about it later. Take a little extra time to sort through what you will and won’t use in the following years. This will save you time next Christmas holidays.

A great way to get started after the holidays is to try to stick to a simple rule: Throw away two items to make way for every new item that has been received over the Christmas and New Year period.
Gather these items together and sort what stays and what can be thrown away. You can always fill a garbage bin full of old toys or clothing to donate to charity. All unwanted items can go straight in the skip. We hire our walk in skip bins for up to 4 days, so there’s no need to rush to get it done all in one day.