Garden Clean Up

The end of summer is the perfect time for a garden clean up. The summer months can be tough on your front or backyard gardens. We all enjoy spending plenty of time outside during summer but hot days can sometimes prevent us getting out there to weed and tidy up.

The end of February sees the hotter weather behind us. The cooler weather is just around the corner, it is a great time to tidy up and prepare your garden for autumn and winter.

Your garden plants can flourish in the lovely summer months and might be due for a tidy up.  Cutting back overgrown plants and trees is a great way to get your garden looking great after a long hot summer.

With any size backyard you may find that your green waste bin fills pretty quickly.  Once the lawn is mowed and the grass cuttings placed in your recycling bin there is no extra room for other items.  1800 Mel Bin can help you with hire of a walk in skip for all the extra clippings and cuttings.  Our smallest skip bin is 2m3, which may be perfect size for the overflow of green waste.

Any weeds, grass cuttings, dead plants and overgrown tree branches can go straight in the skip. All green waste that is collected in your skip bin goes to our transfer station to be recycled.

All your hard work in the garden can be a tiring job but it is all worth the effort in the end.  You’ll have a great looking garden ready for the coming autumn months.