Maximising Your Recycling Efforts with Skip Bins

Green footprint

In today’s society there is a huge amount of waste. When we go shopping for groceries, all our food items are stored in various branded packaging materials. We use our items and throw away all this rubbish every week, filling our rubbish bins and having them emptied for the following week. This cycle repeats itself. If you stop and think about how much rubbish you are dumping every week and try to visualise what a years’ worth of rubbish might look like, it’s a little bit daunting.

A lot of the waste we throw away are things that can be recycled. Plastics, glass, paper and cardboard. Maybe you get a lot of this material into your recycling bins, but your probably still throwing a good amount of recyclable materials away into the regular rubbish bins. Not recycling your waste as much as possible has many negative impacts. The most obvious one is the impact to the environment. Whether you believe in climate change or not, even if you are being wasteful you are contributing to the harvesting of trees and oils in order to create the packaging that is used to hold your goods. Another huge impact affects our pricing.

Skip Hire Melbourne maximises our recycling efforts, we take full skip bins back to our transfer stations and sort out the different waste types. After this we dispose of each type in the most environmental way we can, thus reducing our level of dumping at the local tips. Reducing this landfill also reduces our impact to the environment but it also reduces our costs. With our costs lowered we are able to pass on cheaper rates to our clients which is a big part of why our skip hire is so competitive.

Now if you think about this, you understand that we are also having to pay some wages to sort this rubbish out. While paying these wages are cheaper than dumping everything at landfill tips, it still contributes to the price you pay us to hire a skip bin in Melbourne. So we’ve gone one step further. If our clients fill a skip with 100% concrete, or 100% soil or even 100% green waste, we will further reduce the cost of that skip bin hire. With these loads there is no need for sorting, and no need to pay someone’s wages to do that sorting. That skip load is taken straight to our transfer stations and added to piles of waste made of the same rubbish type.

Skip hire Melbourne provides competitive pricing on our wide range of skip bins. If you are looking for skip hire options in the CBD and Northern suburbs of Melbourne, feel free to give us a call for a quick quote and same or next day delivery if required.