What happens to the environment if we don’t recycle?

What happens to the environment if we don’t recycle?

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When we don’t recycle we are slowly destroying our natural habitat.  There are so many things changing at a rapid rate.  Technology is changing all the time, producing more e-waste.  Many cities are becoming more populated. The outer suburbs of Melbourne are expanding with more houses and retail shops.  With all these changes there is bound to be an increase in waste that is being produced. So, what will happen if we don’t recycle? Without recycling and reducing the amount of waste we produce many of our natural habitats will be affected. Our water ways will be polluted, and our air quality will reduce. Not only will pollution take over we will also run out of natural resources because our environment isn’t made to withstand all the waste that is produced.


A clean environment is essential for healthy living and recycling plays an important part in our lives. If we make the effort to recycle and look after our environment it will benefit all of us.  Recycling what we can now will help us preserve our environment.  The world needs fresh, clean air to survive.  We don’t want our air to become polluted.  Without every ones effort with recycling, all rubbish will end up in landfill.  Our landfill sites will continue to overflow and cause pollution and dangerous gases to enter the environment. Waste can take years to break down in landfill and while this is happening all these awful, toxic gases are being released into the air. These gases are contributing to greenhouse gases that are causing terrible problems for our ozone layer.


The amount of plastics many of us use is a huge contributor to green house gases.  Reducing consumption of plastic bottles and plastic bags is a great example of how we can help the environment.  Plastics such as shopping bags, food wrapping and drink bottles can take hundreds of years to break down and decompose. All of us can make sure these plastics don’t end up in landfill if we take the time to ensure they are placed in the correct recycling bin.

Bin Hire Melbourne Recycling

Here at Bin Hire Melbourne we do our best to recycle as much as we can. We make every effort to ensure our skip bins are taken to the correct transfer station for further recycling.  It is important that our customers help by ensuring they let us know what they are putting in the skip bin they have hired.  Part of the excellent service we provide is that we take pride in doing our part to help reduce the carbon footprint.

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