Recycling Waste: Soil

Recycling Skip Bin Hire

Whether you’re thinking about undertaking a front or backyard landscaping project or even adding a swimming pool to your yard.  Digging up and clearing the area is essential.  For smaller jobs you may be able to dig up the yard by hand with the trusty shovel and wheelbarrow.  Or larger jobs you could hire a bobcat to do the digging and loading for you.

We have a range of skip bins suitable to carry unwanted soil.  From our smallest 2m3 walk in skip up to an 8m3.  Our bins are all walk in bins to allow for easy access.

Once your skip bin has been delivered and filled with soil we will pick it up and return it to our transfer station for recycling.  The soil is then put through a large machine, called a trammel.  This machine sifts the soil of items that have been mixed in such as trees, rubbish or small amounts of concrete.  The machine will also break up any larger blocks of soil.

Once the soil has gone through the trommel it is loaded into a skip bin ready to be carted to the next point for recycling and reuse.

We send our recycled soil to Bolinda Road Tip in Campbellfield.  We also deliver soil to a permitted site in Plumpton where the soil will be used to level land that will be used as a horse training facility.