How Do I Stop My Neighbours From Filling My Bin?

4m walk in bin in yellow with measurements

Most people generally hire a skip in Melbourne for one reason, and one reason alone: to fill it.

You expect that when you hire a skip you’ll be able to fit as much of your waste in as it will hold, and you’ll have control over what goes into it. This is important to ensuring you’re able to throw away everything you need to get rid of and that nothing that shouldn’t go in the skip. But these expectations can be turned on their heads by the sneaky skip bandits who dispose of their own rubbish in somebody else’s bin late at night or when no one is watching.

The vast majority of our customers have never had a problem with this, but there have been cases where this very thing has occurred but luckily, there are some very simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening if you are concerned about it. Neighbours may see the appearance of a skip in the street as an opportunity to throw away a few things they’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while, not realising that this could be a problem for the person who actually hired it. Before your skip arrives, give your neighbours a heads up and let them know that you will probably need all of it for your own rubbish. The majority of neighbours will happily respect this, but you can always offer to let them put some things in it after you’ve finished filling it.

Unfortunately though, not everyone may be this reasonable or cooperative. There may be that one person who sees this as an opportunity to be rid of their own rubbish at no cost to them. The best way to try and combat this issue is:

– Try and get your skip filled up as quickly as you can so it is not sitting around for too long for someone to take the opportunity to fill it without your consent.

– If possible have the skip placed in your driveway so people don’t have as good a chance accessing the skip.

– If possible place a tarp over the skip at times when the skip is not in use.

Taking these measures with your Melbourne skip hire will allow you to ensure that your bin is not overfilled or filled with the wrong types of rubbish. This will prevent any additional costs to your hire. Our prices are extremely competitive and you can let your neighbours know to give us a call on 1800 MEL BIN if they need to get rid of rubbish as well. Alternatively, work out what your neighbours are trying to dump and maybe you can hire a larger bin and split the costs, this will probably work out cheaper for you and more convenient for your neighbourhood.